The Innovative Education Foundation is a non-governmental organization. It was established to support the development of Polish education sector through precise identification of obstacles and involvement of local and international partners contributing to the modern education. The activities are primarily aimed at elementary schools as their needs are defined to be most important.   Based on the Polish government strategic priorities – a new educational model is being developed, reflecting expertise and best experience of other countries. Innovative Education maintains working rapport with key institutions involved in the legislation process concerning the education. Taking the advantage of the contacts and information gathered during last two years of a pilot program executed in Polish elementary schools, Innovative Education is ready to share its know-how and gathered data.   Close cooperation with Marshall Offices enables Innovative Education to take an active part in key educational events that create modern landscape within this sector in Poland. It was identified that crucial for establishment of innovative model of education is engaging partners representing both: Public Administration and new technologies, with a significant assistance of NGOs. While technical part of the program is already designed, the biggest challenge is content and skills. Innovative Education, together with partners and with assistance of the representatives of key public administration bodies, is in a process of gathering the data in order to assemble a complex educational platform for elementary schools in Poland.  


We create unique tools that support the incorporation of innovative technologies into the education. In our opinion the strength of new tools is based on traditional beliefs and values that help children and youth in defining their place and role in the present world and society. Being responsible for preserving these values we stand in the position that it is mandatory for an innovative education to connect past with the future.   We offer our support and help to the organizations and institutions in Poland.  

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